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Using the right Aromatherapy is essential to your hot tub happiness. Here at Outdoor Living Online we only supply specialist, safe and hot tub friendly aromatherapy products. You should always ensure that when you use a new product it specifically states that it is for hot tub use as this means that the aromatherapy has been designed to work with your hot tub and not damage it. They will be oil free, pH neutral and should not leave any unwanted residue in your hot tub. Our aromatherapy range comes in many different forms – Beads, Crystals, Bombs, Cartridges, and Liquids. Although every product has its benefits and is hot tub safe, the various ranges have different benefits and the type and scent you choose will be down to personal preference.

Aromatherapy has a well-documented history of growth, development and efficacy and is still used today as an aid to relaxation, usually during a full body massage. This implies that we can use volatile essential oils from aromatic plants in an informed and controlled manner to care for our well-being. Essential oils are natural, volatile essences that have been steam distilled or expressed from aromatic plants. On your first visit your aromatherapist may ask about your health and lifestyle so that the treatment will meet your individual needs. A specific blend of essential oils will then be prepared for your massage, which takes about an hour.

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Then resealing the bottle with said enclosed diffusion head, we placed back in the open slot pointing upwards and clicked it into place. Finally, we slid the metal lid on too and that, refreshingly, is all you need to do for setup. A brand established over 30 years ago, founders Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey set about making the benefits of aromatherapy more accessible. Which, in a nutshell, is a practice using aroma to boost emotional and physical wellbeing.

For example, the lavender scent is found to be relaxing and is often used to help relieve any built-up tension after a long day and promote a good evening routine before bed. If you struggle with settling down in the evenings, a warm shower with ESPA’s Relaxing Salt Scrub is a great way to prepare the body for rest. The skin will feel nourished and hydrated while the aroma of Bay and Lavender radiating off the soft skin will help to calm your senses.

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Fusing together purifying tea tree and eucalyptus to help strengthen and invigorate your body, it’s a naturally nourishing bath oil that harnesses the potency of aromatherapy one soak at a time. A feeling of deep relaxation will be yours, as your body is tapped, pressed and massaged, and skin is conditioned with anti-oxidant oil. A truly nurturing treatment to fortify and strengthen the mind and body through difficult times.

Research has shown aromatherapy using rosemary oil may improve cognitive function in patients with dementia6. Lavender essential oil – from fragrant lavender flowers – is a popular and versatile oil. Lavender is our go-to for improving sleep, reducing anxiety attacks, and soothing burns and skin irritation. Just a few drops on your pillow at night can encourage restful sleep3. In this essential guide, we’ll explore the purpose of aromatherapy and how it works.

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It may help you to feel better and cope better with your cancer and treatment. An alternative therapy is generally used instead of conventional medical treatment. Some essential oils could affect how well these drugs or therapies work. Researchers wanted to see if aromatherapy can help to reduce this damage. Most studies seem to suggest it might help as a complementary therapy. We therefore aim to create aromatherapy and other natural products inspired by nature for home and travel.


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It’s the ritual that many of us says relaxation like the warming glow of a candle. Our aromatherapy candles contain 100% natural soy way blended with over a full bottle of pure essential oils, releasing irresistible scent into the air. Available in Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, each one boasts their own aromatherapy benefits from de-stressing and soothing, energising and increasing focus, to encouraging deep breathing. A real aromatherapy candle is a candle which is made with essential oils, giving it a beautiful scent and aroma-therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy candles often get confused with scented candles, both smelling divine and used for holistic care but with one big difference.

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Pure essential oils are highly concentrated, powerful liquids that can be toxic if used incorrectly. Please read our general safety advice to ensure that you use them safely and effectively. In order to boost your health and mood, you can start by taking a warm bath filled with The Farm’s Lemongrass Balancing Botanical Body Oil and Salt Scrub. By simply pouring a handful of Botanical Salts and one to two capfuls of lemongrass Botanical Body Oil into your bath, the salt will re-mineralize and soothe your body.

You can place a few drops of oil onto your pillow or a tissue, for example. You can also use a saucer or other ceramic vessel as a passive diffuser. It is claimed that our personal scent can be more important in dating or choosing a partner than what we look like. Our personal smell can make us ‘look’ more appealing to potential partners. Personal scent has nothing to do with the perfume, aftershave, deodorant, soap, laundry detergent or other cosmetics we use, despite what advertisements for such products may claim. Personal scent is unique – our base or ‘naked’ smell, we cannot change it although we may sometimes be able to temporarily mask it.

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“These give that zesty feeling that’s perfect for getting you going in the morning and encouraging positivity,” she says. Ost of the essential oils that can be ingested internally are irritating to the mucous membranes; for this reason, the oils are consumed by dilution in a vegetable oil , honey, or sugar. Essential oils relieving aromatherapy digestive problems, viral and bacterial infections or those involved in weight loss are consumed internally.

Disease was viewed as a disturbance of this balance, with the route back to health being a re-balancing of these three – in other words, holism. Having a weak immunity can be a nightmare as one gets exposed to diseases frequently. Essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, oregano among others are known to contain antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities which are known to boost the body’s immune system.


Because of clinical implications, researchers should clearly indicate which essential oils are used and ensure that oils are of therapeutic, organic quality and are from reputable sources. Essential oils can be a great supportive therapy for health and wellness. Oncology nurses should be aware that patients may use essential oils as supplemental care, which may be contraindicated with specific medications or conditions. They also should be knowledgeable about essential oil quality and safety to help guide patients in their plans of care. But add in aromatherapy, and they can also encourage hair growth and help ease tension headaches and migraines. Some of the most popular essential oils for aromatherapy scalp massage which offer these benefits include lavender, peppermint and rosemary.


Whether your pain is musculoskeletal, neuropathic or any other, we can help. Our philosophy is rigorous patient assessment followed by the implementation of uniquely-tailored, individually specific treatment plans to get you back to your best – fast. Here at the London Pain Clinic we understand all these factors – and we account for them every single day in our practice. Home to several of the UK’s most respected Pain Medicine Consultants, the London Pain Clinic is the one-stop practice for patients suffering from chronic pain. Ramsey, J. T., Shropshire, B. C., Nagy, T. R., Chambers, K. D., Li, Y., and Korach, K. S. Subgroup analysis according to the duration of aromatherapy intervention.


Borneo Camphor today is still being used by the Chinese in ritual ceremonies. However, the best thing about our products is that they are also equipped with 4D Dynamic Warmth Flow technology, an innovation in the world of electric heating. With the 4D DWF system, heat is evenly distributed throughout the product to give you a level of warmth and relaxation that you can’t find in other sleeping products. There are people who like to fall asleep while reading a good book, and there are those who like taking warm, relaxing baths. There are also people who prefer to listen to soft, soothing music as they try to sleep.


Try massaging some diluted peppermint oil into your temples when you’re feeling tired or struggling with a headache4. A study published in October 2022 has suggested that a plant-based, soy-rich diet may alleviate menopausal symptoms with the same effectiveness as hormone replacement therapy . If essential oil gets into the eyes, apply a cotton ball or cloth imbued with a fatty oil, such as olive or sesame, carefully over a closed eyelid. Essential oils should not be taken internally without appropriate aromatherapy safety education.

The chapters of Part V introduce in some detail todays most effective ways to treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections. It offers proven suggestions for chronic inflammationa, metabolics diseases and liver detoxification. There are suggestions for improving immune response and to ameliorate allergies. Modern aromatherapy blends always address the whole person, even when we create compositions to address specific issues.

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It’s known as our “hug in a bottle” blend and a few spritzes around a room can restore a sense of warmth to your environment. The Five Elements may be understood as five phases or movements of yin & yang energy. Rather than being separate elements in 1인샵 a literal sense, the images of water, wood, fire, earth and metal represent natural forces that together form a dynamic whole. The Five Elements are phases of a continual energetic process, one that we can observe in potentially every aspect of life.

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Sadly, as the scientific approach to medicine flourished, herbal medicine and aromatic remedies lost more and more credibility as effective treatments, becoming regarded as “quackery” and “old wives tales”. But there were more ways of using essences than just in aromatic waters. The English word “pomander” 스웨디시 comes from the French “pomme d’ambre”, meaning “apple of amber” or “ball of ambergris”. Pomanders took various forms, but were essentially a mixture of aromatic substances enclosed in a perforated bag or box which was then used to scent clothes and linens or carried as a guard against infection.

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But it’s not justessential oilstapping into the inner wellness zeitgeist. If you experience symptoms such as nausea, headache, skin irritation, emotional unease or a “spaced-out” feeling, this might be because you have over exposed yourself to essential oils. If you ever experience skin irritation or accidentally get essential oils in the eyes, dilute with straight vegetable oil, not water. Indigo Herbs supply a range of premium quality single essential oils and carrier oils, our comprehensive range is on ourAromatherapypage. We have also blended for you a signature range of 10ml Essential Oil Blends, Pulse Point Rollars and Massage Oils, our Indigo Aromatherapy range is designed with your wellbeing in mind. Why not make a little aromatherapy pillow, stuffed with lavender for example, and then drop pure Lavender essential oils directly onto the cushion.

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This is because like any other substance that is either applied to the skin or inhaled, there is the potential for some women to have an allergic reaction. Similarly, some essential oils are contraindicated for use in certain situations, including pregnancy and labour, and have the potential to do harm. Nevertheless, expectant mothers are increasingly considering aromatherapy as an alternative or complementary therapy for their labour and birth.


A great method to use when out of the house and for asthma sufferers who should not use steam inhalation. The lifestyle guide provided by Wellcare is intended to provide useful information, share experience and help people enjoy a healthy life but cannot replace a doctor’s advise. Roman chamomile – If you want to create a peaceful sleeping environment, then you need this essential oil, which is known for its soothing properties. Bergamot – Unlike most citrus-based oils which have a stimulating effect, bergamot has a bright scent that is best suited for relaxation.

However, be cautious while inhaling the oils, particularly if you are suffering from an allergy. A safer way to inhale essential oils is sprayed on a piece of cloth or inhaling directly from the bottle. A complementary therapy means you can use it alongside your conventional medical treatment.

All studies were randomized controlled trials, a total of 1,611 people with cancer were enrolled. Nine studies investigated the effects of massage aromatherapy, six studies used inhaled aromatherapy, two studies combined both massage and inhalation. Nine studies utilized a single essential oil, six studies used a mixture of essential oils, two studies did not report specific essential oils. The duration of aromatherapy session was heterogeneous, while the therapy duration ranged from a single application to 10 weeks.

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But most people say that an aromatherapy massage is relaxing and soothing. The theory behind aromatherapy is that each essential oil has properties that give health benefits. Four Thieves started in South London as an aromatherapy focused brand. We soon discovered the joy of hand-making soaps in the old-fashioned cold-process style and it didn’t take long to begin making candles, bath salts and a range of other products. Dove makes some of the best budget friendly bath soaks and a lengthy lie back surrounded by the brand’s Relaxing Care Bath Soak Lavender & Chamomile offers everything you need for relaxation. A popular bottle with a soft, floral scent to match, it’s the perfect tonic to a stressful day and, thanks to its low price point, can be liberally thrown in while you wait for the bubbles to appear.

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It’s refillable too, so you can keep the ever-blooming orchid for years to come. Prior editions were exclusively based on scientific French style aromatherapy with authors Pierre Franchomme and Daniel Pénoël (l’aromathérapie exactement)working with Dr. Schnaubelt to develop the application protocols. Ensuring strong, silky and healthy tresses from root to tip, this luxurious beauty line’s haircare range is not to be missed. Store carefully.Keep your oils in a cool, dark place as direct sunlight and heat can destroy their delicate chemical properties. This page examines how our sense of smell can help us relax and affect our perceptions of personal wellbeing. Lemongrass can be instrumental in reducing inflammation and pain, although at the present time, only limited research with mice has highlighted its noteworthy anti-inflammatory properties .


This is particularly helpful with nausea and vomiting, heartburn and indigestion. Peppermint oil is also good for muscular pain and headaches and is often used to help reduce stress and anxiety. It also has pain relieving properties for labour contractions, as well as helping the uterus to contract effectively.

This simple routine with our Eau des Jardin range will boost your mood throughout the entire day with hydration and a fresh lingering scent. It is a combination of the word ‘aroma’, from the Greek word meaning ‘sweet odour or sweet herb’, and the word ‘therapy’, from the Greek word ‘therapeia’ meaning ‘healing’. Essential oils are particularly effective in addressing these “disorders” thanks to their rebalancing properties. Taking time to care for yourself is essential when living in our fast-paced world.

Many cancer clinics and hospitals in the UK offer aromatherapy massages. So, ask your nurse or doctor if this is available where you have your treatment. If it isn’t, they might be able to direct you to places that do or offer complementary therapy at a low cost. Treat the aromatherapy lover in your life to this Wellness Ritual Set from Psychic Sisters, available at Beauty Bay. The five-piece set contains natural orange and lavender aromatherapy products, as well as Reiki energised crystals that’ll help cleanse the aura and personal space… If you’re looking for support with a specific concern, you may want to visit an aromatherapist.